Monday, April 29, 2013

After Dark

Wondering where I've been? Ha, probably not, but I'll tell you anyway!

I leave work at 5:00, after all of my super-important tasks have been completed.

Then, I go home and do random chores like doing laundry and cooking dinner and cleaning up after the heathens.

They go to bed around 8:00 and I hang out with hubby for a bit. When the sun starts to set, I head out and take care of the critters.

When I'm done, it's usually just about dark... it's time to head to the camper...

...where there are no distractions (including internet)...

...and write.

Confession: My name is Kristen and I write romances in a vintage camper after dark. Posts will continue to be sparse as I push to finish my book by my self-imposed deadline of May 31. Eighty-six pages and counting - wish me luck!


  1. Oh, novel writing. I say it's like building a house ALL BY YOURSELF and caring for a newborn at the same time because you're so invested in the lives of your characters. You can do it! And deadlines are good. It will feel marvelous to get it behind you!!

  2. Just ran across your blog, good luck hope you finished your book by the deadline! :) a very good friend of mine has just finished winding up her third book and mailed it off to her publisher, she also dropped off a copy for me to read although hers won't be out until later this year. Love your blog!

  3. Ladies - thank you for your comments! I completely identify with the housebuilding/newborn care analogy, if you add in juggling monkeys simultaneously. :) And country life, thank you for visiting! I'm hoping to try and get back into the posting swing of things soon... the book is on track but I've still got the ending to write. Congrats to your friend!